Lotus Yoga Studio

Classes and Passes


Passes and Pricing



drop-in class

Stop-by for a class anytime


New Students 2 week unlimited

Try as many classes as you want in 2 weeks. Begins on your first class.

*First time students only


5 Class pass

Take class when you want and save on the drop-in price.

*Valid for 6 months from date of purchase.


10 class pass

Take class when you want and save on the drop-in price.

*Valid for 1 year from purchase.


monthly unlimited

For the yogi who wants all the yoga all the time. Month to month, 30 days notice to cancel.

$100/month autopay

*Purchase in Studio Only


One Month Unlimited

One month of unlimited yoga. No Contracts.


Class Descriptions

Our yoga classes are warm, not hot, and kept to a comfortable temperature between 75-82. Our practice emphasizes building internal heat instead of external.

Slow Flow

This class is for yogis who need stress relief. Practice will target tension areas in the body and use slow and gentle pose sequencing to relieve stress. This class is very low impact, and is recommended for beginners.Our 75 minute class offers 15 minutes of meditation for additional stress relief. |1hr - 75min.|

All Levels Flow

This is an all levels flow yoga class that will release built-up tension in the body while aligning the joints, building strength and increasing flexibility. We sync the breath to each movement to create warmth in the body as we flow between postures at a moderate pace. There are always options available for all levels from basic to advanced. | 75min|

Chakra Flow

These classes deeply explore the mind body connection as we use yoga to process emotions in the mind, body and heart. We use the Chakra system to guide our practice activating the chakra centers to release stagnant patterns and find our true selves. This class has been described as “yoga for the soul,” “years of therapy in 75minutes,” “what yoga is really about”, and “yoga that changes you.”

Each class is focused on one chakra and is appropriate for all levels of yogi. | 75min.|

Candlelight Restorative Flow

This restorative yoga class will melt away your stress. Gentle stretching and relaxation by candlelight, calming music, cozy bolsters, blankets, and aromatherapy. The only way to end your day. |1hr.|