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Getting There

Lotus Yoga Studio

185 Massachusetts Ave, Arlington MA 02474.

781-697-2450 | lauren@lotusyogaarlington.com

Conveniently located at the intersection of Massachusetts Ave and Lake Street in the Capitol Square neighborhood of East Arlington, the studio is accessible by car, the 77 bus, Alewife Redline T station, and the Minute Man Bike Path. Parking is available on Massachusetts Ave and side streets.

Lotus Yoga Studio encourages students to use eco-friendly transportation to the studio such as biking, walking or car-pooling.



Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to bring a yoga mat? Yes, bring your own yoga mat if you have one. We have rentals for $2 if you don’t.

  • Do I need to bring props? No, we provide all the props you will need for practice including straps, blocks, blankets and bolsters. If you want to bring your own that is ok too.

  • Is there a place to change? Yes, our facility has one all-gender bathroom and 2 all-gender dressing rooms.

  • Where can I keep my stuff and is it safe? We provide storage for personal items downstairs in our lounge and lock the studio door during class so your items are safe.

  • Do I need a water bottle? Yes, bring water with you, and be sure to hydrate before coming to class. We have a water bubbler to fill your bottle and we also sell reusable water bottles if you need one.

  • Should I eat before yoga? Eat a small meal or snack 2 hours before practice so you have time to digest. Yoga on a full stomach does not feel good.

  • What should I wear? Wear clean, comfortable clothing. Be sure you can move in it but that it is not so loose as to get in the way of your movement.

  • Can I come if I have a minor injury or am healing from one? Yes, yoga can still be accessible, and helpful, when healing from injuries. Let the instructor know before class if you have any injuries, pain or limitations so they can provide you with tips to get the most out of your practice. Always take the practice at your own pace and level, never do anything that is painful and ask your instructor for help as needed.

  • Can I come if I am Pregnant or Post-Partum? Yes! We recommend our Slow Flow classes for pregnancy, but you are welcome to join any yoga class. Our teachers are knowledgable about pregnancy modifications and many have kids of their own. Notify the teacher when you arrive so you can discuss modifications and any concerns before yoga class begins.

  • Is there parking? Yes, there is free 2 hour parking available on Mass Ave and on the side streets. You can typically fine parking within a few minute walk to the studio.

  • When should I arrive? Arrive 10-15 minutes before class to give yourself time to register, change, get water, use the bathroom and settle in for practice. When you arrive, please leave shoes at the door and take other personal belongings downstairs for storage.

Check out our schedule and class descriptions to find the class that is right for you.

Questions? Email lauren@lotusyogaarlington.com